In this analog photography series each individual photo consists of two shots, one taken over the other, thus exposing the film negative twice.

However, the second exposure is taken at a completely different location than the first - in fact, some of the locations are half a world apart from each other, yet they result in one single photo.

So not only is each exposure physically remote from the other, but also sometimes taken months or even years apart.

Still, each photo is from one single negative film frame. These pictures are true double exposures, created in camera - no external means such as overlays were used, nor were these photos put together on a computer.

Finally, these double exposures are frame-exact - meaning that the first and the second exposure fit exactly over each other in almost all of the images.

In terms of content and visual language, these photos appear different to each viewer since the combined images add up to a new meaning, subject to the individual viewer’s interpretation.

A lot of planning goes into these photographs; it is an exciting, even adventurous technique and the results can be quite spectacular. However, the final objective is to create an intriguing and aesthetic picture that carries its own expression, while leaving lots of room for the viewers’ imagination.

Comments have likened this photo series to surrealist and magical realist paintings, while the double exposure technique was termed highly innovative, if not revolutionary.



1         Honeymoon Beach/Cologne Cathedral

2         Malta/Gran Canaria

3         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

4         Millennium Dome London/Malta

5         Malta/Gran Canaria

6         Millennium Dome London/Malta

7         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

8         Zülpicher Straße/Cologne Cathedral

9         Millennium Dome London/Malta

10        New Haven/Otsego County Fair

11         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

12         Paris Airshow/Honeymoon Beach

13         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

14         Louvre/New York

15         Cologne Cathedral/Sail Boat

16         Paris Airshow/Cologne

18         Roussillion/Millennium Dome London

19         Roussillion/Millennium Dome London

20         Garzweiler/Shelter Island

21         Cologne Train Station/Garzweiler

22         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

23         Moscow/California

24         Cologne Cathedral/ Sail Boat

25         Moscow/California

26         Cologne Train Station/Garzweiler

27         Roussillion/Millennium Dome London

28         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

29         Garzweiler/Cologne Cathedral

30         Millennium Dome London/Malta

31         Ville/Cologne Cathedral

32         Paris Airshow/Cologne

33         Roussillion/Cologne Cathedral

34         Cologne Train Station/Garzweiler

35        Malta/Gran Canaria

36         Paris Airshow/Villeforte

37         Malta/Gran Canaria

38         Gran Canaria/Via Mala

39         Moscow/California

40         Garzweiler/Cologne Cathedral

41         Malta/Gran Canaria

42         Roussillion/Millennium Dome London

43         Millennium Dome London/Malta

44         Louvre/New York

45         Roussillion/Millennium Dome London

46         Villeforte/Paris Airshow

The entire series consists of about 150 color print photographs



The Musee de l'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland

The German-American Institute, Heidelberg, Germany

The AT Kearney Gallery, New York, USA

Hartwick College, Oneonta, USA.



all photographs by Karl Haupt


Tel. +49 (221) 240-2289


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